What makes Ibiza Cannabis Club different is the quality. We offer an exceptionally good service based on our members desires and expectations. Be prepared to be pampered and indulged. Forget uncomfortable couches, messy basements or smokey garages. Lean back and immerse yourself in a unique experience.

  • Our members are far away from the pothead stereotype
  • Members are friendly, want to relax and socialize, not get wasted
  • We have video games, a premium sound system, and private lounges
  • Hammocks, puffs, spongy couches and lots of soft sand (nearby)


We’re an exclusive social club located in the idyllic island of Ibiza. We’re a nonprofit organization that offers the cannabis experience in one of the most sophisticated beachside areas of Europe.

We’re a wonderful merge of cultures and a trendy group of wanderers with different lifestyles. We cultivate the sense of community, because we’re an inspiring group of like-minded people that look for the best.

A comfortable and personal ambience, with warm lighting and cozy/trendy decor. A true reflection of this unrivalled island and its amazing vibe. This is the perfect place to fulfil your wish for joy and engage with friends.

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