Ibiza Cannabis Club is much more than just a club. From the moment you become a member, you’ll be immersed in the most unwinding smoking experience.

Lay down on a comfy deck chair, let the marine breeze soothe your soul, and enjoy the sweet aroma of top quality products. Located in a worldwide appealing spot, Ibiza Cannabis Club offers you a unique place to just relax and decompress.


From the moment you step in you’ll be inspired by an exclusive location and an international community. Sink in a spongy puff and gaze at the stunning seaside views while chillin’ with friends. We cultivate the sense of belonging between all of our members, because we are a community that shares a passion.


You have to be invited to be part of our private elite. But you can become a member of this indulgent experience if you’re accepted. We pursue privacy and reject inadequate activities and behavior so we’re strict with our member selection.

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